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Ok here we go. We have made the big decisions, we are going to visit that 800 pound gorilla of a theme park, now lets spend some time thinking about what and how to do it. Walt Disney World tips made easy.

Let's start with some very easy decisions.

Is it better to stay on property or off?

It is our experience that it is better to stay on the Walt Disney World property during your stay at Walt Disney World and off property when you visit the rest of Orlando attractions.


Free bus and or monorail service to the parks. Park your car and forget about getting around from park to park. If you have visited before, you understand the size (47 square miles) of Walt Disney World, and the challenge to get around.

Are discount tickets available?

Yes. If you an active military member not only is a military discount available, but the he Department of Defense has leased Shades of Green resort for exclusive use by retired and active military personnel and their families, members of the reserves and the National Guard, as well as Department of Defense civilians.

Yes. If you belong to AAA they offer a discount for members advance purchase of park admissions.

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The first step before booking any Walt Disney World Trip

We want to let you in on a little secret. Well maybe it is not such a secret. Since 1985 The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World and Disneyland has helped more than 3 million families.


The folks at the "Unofficial Guide" provide clear, unbiased advice on how to spend your time and money wisely.

Of all the guidebooks, the Unofficial Guide is the the most thorough. The authors are very frank in telling you the best way to organize your trip and avoid hassles and rip-offs. The "touring plans" in this book are excellent and can be a huge times saver, particularly if you're visiting Walt Disney World during a busy time of year.

So before you do anything else, please buy this book. You will be astonished at what you learn.

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As a practical matter it is better to arrive early than late. We have found that by staying on the property we could take advantage of special admission times. Then as the park filled up we headed back to our hotel for some rest and swim time avoiding the most crowded and especially during the summer the hottest time of the day. We headed back to the park in the afternoon rested and relax to enjoy the rides when they were not "so crowded."

The Disney dining plan is designed to make Disney money. Although Disney promises savings we have found the opposite to be true. Savings on average are $1.00 or $2.00 per person per day based on a comparison between menu prices and per person costs.

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